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SHIPM8 for
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Custom Software as a Service
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Activation, Registration, Invoice automation & Communication

Empowering all our customers to take part in the growing digitization of the maritime industry, by making it easy to communicate, share data and work smarter

Is SHIPM8 for me?

The world around us keeps getting more digital by the day, and the maritime industry is catching up quickly. A lot of Port Agencies are still struggling to keep up with what customers expect nowadays: a smooth administrative and mostly digital port process. We often see that internal processes and registrations are mainly manual and are not available to every department.

YES! Let us tell you why

SHIPM8 is a valuable tool for any organization, but it is specifically built to help Port Agencies streamline their business processes and offer a modern platform to the Port Community. Your staff will also have a greater job satisfaction because you offer them modern tools to support them in their daily work. SHIPM8 will get you from a paper-based office into the 21st century without major impact on your budget and your organization.

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Port visit statistics: Per port, per period, per ship type: The total number of port visits.
Agency activities: Per agent, per period, per port: The number of port visits.



My fleet




Port call file

Order module





Agenten activiteiten
Reisstatistieken abstract

How does SHIPM8 fit in your organisation

Automatic registration of port calls 

 Port statistics

Port agent data sharing

Customer statistics


Ships history/alerts

Customer contact 


Full API on Everything

Port visit statistics

Agency activities



Purchase orders 

AIS Kiosk Mode

SHIPM8 and Port Agencies

SHIPM8 is a valuable tool for any organization in the port community.

To see what it can do for your company take a look at the examples below. Here you can see which department is using which subscription.

* This is our example of how it can be used as a port agency,
of course we will tailor it to your organization when you apply for a subscription.


3 officer subscriptions

2 captain subscriptions


Plus many extras


starts at € 25,-

(per user, per month)



Water clerk

  • Maintain and fill in the ship’s file
  • Process orders and deliveries
  • View agent activity reports and port visit statistics


  • Register orders and communicate the status back to the customer
  • Automatic purchase order number generation
  • Keep track of your contracts per customer or per ship


starts at € 45,-

(per user, per month)


  • Automate, create, approve and send invoices
  • Register customer information and track payments
  • Run reports on the financial situation


  • Register, track and follow-up leads and customers
  • Create to do lists to keep track of all outstanding activities


  • Run reports on finances, activities and port performance
  • Extensive auditing and tracing reports on a daily, weekly or monthly base

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