The All-In-One Tool for
Maritime Professionals

Custom Software as a Service
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The All-In-One Tool for
Maritime Professionals

Custom Software as a Service
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Digitization in the Port should make life easier, but it gets more and more complex and the workload increases every day. Our all-in-one maritime application makes the administrative chores easy and fast and it will keep everyone informed for you. This means you can continue doing the things that matter: offering a quality service and outperforming the competition. 

Is SHIPM8 for me? 

SHIPM8 is a valuable tool for any organization, but it is specifically built to support maritime professionals in any field of the nautical industry. Whether you are a Port Authority, a Ship Owner, a Supplier or a Nautical Service Provider, SHIPM8 can help you improve your business. 

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SHIPM8 Modules

SHIPM8 offers a completely modular application that can be made to fit your specific business needs. We have default templates for all kinds of organizations like boatmen, port agents, ship owners and port authorities, but you can customize it any way you want. 

The application comes with a variety of maritime tools and information that you can use in your daily job. Ship information, worldwide port visits, cost calculation and real-time positions are just a small example. And what’s even better: you are in full control of the data, which means you can add, change or even delete any information you want!

To integrate SHIPM8 into your own processes we’ve also built a variety of modules that help you do just that. You can configure your own business information like registration of services, orders, planning of people and materials without the need for extensive custom-built software. You can even have the invoicing module do its magic fully automated, including online payments. 

In short:  SHIPM8 is your all-in-one toolkit for a successful maritime business 

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The All-In-One Tool for Maritime Professionals
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SHIPM8 Subscriptions

We have made our subscription model as straightforward as possible. There are three tiers so everyone in your organization can access SHIPM8, but you only pay for the things you need. 

Sailor subscription 

Lets anyone in your organization access the information you want them to see. They can also perform some basic tasks like uploading photos and documents. An example of a sailor would be your people in the field, phone operators, helpdesk agents or crewmembers. 

Officer subscription

Has all the functionality for the people in your organization that are responsible for the bulk of the nautical operation. They can access all the maritime tools like the AIS map, ship information, port visit information and send out notifications to your customers. They are also responsible for registering your own data in the system, like services provided and planning of people and assets. 

Captain subscription 

Is meant for the specialists in your organization. People involved in invoicing, sales and marketing, purchasing and management can use our modules that help them in their job. These modules include our financial module, the CRM module and the reports module.