5 Reasons Why Digital Data Registration is Essential for Port Agents in 2023

The maritime sector is inherently a dynamic and complex industry that enables global transportation by sea. In this rapidly changing world, digitally registration, communicating, and invoicing data is of paramount importance. These processes form the backbone of efficiency and transparency in the nautical world. Where many processes traditionally operated manually, manual data entry is more the norm than the exception, and the associated error margin is often high. 

In today’s fast-paced society, where skilled and experienced personnel are hard to find, we can no longer afford to lag behind. Curious about the five reasons for you as a port agent? Read on (Reading time: 3 minutes)

1: Data Regulations Are More Important Than Ever

Safety comes first. Correctly recording data about ships and ship visits, cargoes, and port services is vital to comply with national and international regulations. It enables nautical service providers to ensure that everything proceeds in accordance with regulations, making it easy to maintain and use data for various purposes such as evidence or reporting through central data management.

2: Detailed Operational Insights Provide a Competitive Edge

A well-maintained database of ship movements and cargo information, dynamic task lists with triggers for pre-arrival activities, enables more efficient planning. Through automatic data updates via connections with the Pilot organisation, Port management systems, and our AIS processing, accurate arrival and departure times can be predicted, or when something needs to be deployed, promoting smoother port operations. This not only affects operational efficiency but also cost control.

3: Customer Satisfaction is the Best Business Strategy

Customer satisfaction is central in every sector, and the maritime world is no exception. By accurately register data and minimizing errors, nautical service providers can deliver better services to their customers. Swift, transparent invoicing and a clear overview of real-time revenues and expenditures are essential aspects of customer satisfaction. It allows u as a user of SHIPM8 to better understand and manage costs. But also, receiving interim reports or gaining insights into request statuses and sharing them with your customer through a SHIPM8 customer portal is a must today.


4: Optimizing the Invoicing Process Saves Time, Money, and Manpower

 In a competitive industry like this, cost control is essential. Registering services and correctly invoicing customers helps to keep finances in check. Being able to respond to events or changes in an arrival or departure schedule can save costs. For instance, the deployment of a rented crane is based on the time of use. If a ship is delayed, an unused crane on the dock is a costly fact. By including standard procedures and communication in templates in our platform, you save time and a lot of manual work. Good staff is hard to find today, so there is often a lot of pressure on the current ship agents in the office. Time savings go hand in hand here, with a focus on work efficiency, doing more with fewer or the same number of resources.

5: Transparency in the Future Allows Room for Growth and Trust

 Data registration is not only a necessity for the present, but it also lays the foundation for future growth. By collecting and analyzing data, nautical service providers can identify trends, improve operational processes, and make strategic decisions that can take their business to new heights. The Reporting module within SHIPM8 provides insight into all your data within the platform and the ability to chart a course based on analyses.

In summary, in the maritime sector, accurate data registration, communication, and invoicing are of the utmost importance. It allows compliance with regulations, increased workplace efficiency, customer satisfaction through clear communication and comprehensive reporting, cost control through more focused planning, and central digital data storage in preparation for the future. In a world where data is the key to success, these processes are essential for every professional in the maritime sector. By digitizing these processes through our SaaS platform SHIPM8, work scalability is increased. For example, using a tablet with our application on board of a ship makes work more enjoyable. It enables you to inform and act more quickly with all the information by your side.

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About SHIPM8

SHIPM8 is the complete SaaS solution from KVSA for ship agents, terminals, and maritime service providers. The Royal KVSA, with over 145 years of experience, has all the expertise for efficient shipping. For years, we have been facilitating the further optimization of communication and information provision for the port community.

SHIPM8 is designed for maritime companies and offers the flexibility of a custom solution without the long lead times and high costs of custom software.

Within the SHIPM8 team, we have developers on board who are familiar with everything that happens in a port. This enables us to convert maritime data, ideas, and needs into user-friendly platforms, dashboards, and systems. With SHIPM8, you can digitize, automate, and optimize all your business processes.

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