Financial reports and multi-factor authentication

In this update, we have made improvements to a number of financial areas based on input from our users. In addition, we have introduced multi-factor authentication to increase the level of security for your organization.

Multi-factor authentication

Safety for you and your employees is an important theme for us. That’s why, starting with this release, you can use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further secure your users’ accounts. Users can choose to set the MFA via their profile page, but you can also enforce it at the organization level.

Organizational level

If you want to enforce the MFA at organizational level, you can do this via the administration pages. From the user management page, you can use the ‘MFA settings’ button to adjust the setting for your organization.

If you need more information or support setting up the MFA, please contact us through the regular channels.


We have adjusted the reports module on a number of points.

  • It is now possible to set a limit on the number of items loaded into your custom reports.
  • The revenue analysis financial report now has several new options:
    • It is now possible to switch the report to a ‘quantities’ view instead of the standard ‘amount’ view.
    • All columns are now available at both column and row level.
    • It is possible to export the report to Excel.
    • Clicking on some cells to request more detailed information did not work, this has been resolved.

Other updates

A number of minor changes have been made to improve the application:

  • A new widget has been added to the financial dashboard for ‘to check’ invoices.
  • A user can now change the username and email address
    If an invoice could not be calculated correctly, this resulted in an error. This has been resolved
  • The color of the ‘Verified’ button for invoicing has changed from green to blue
  • Attachments were not always displayed correctly in the email dialog.
  • A selection box has been added to the expense registration after dragging a document onto the expenses.